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Free 1 oz Tube/Only Pay S&H
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This offer is meant for first time customers ordering this tube only. If you order this tube and other items you will still be charged the $4.95 plus the shipping on the other items.

The product in the 1 oz. tube is the exact same product that is in the large flat red container.

Get a free 1 oz. tube of glysolid skin cream (value $4.48). Just pay the shipping & handling fee of only $4.95 (regular $5.95).

GLYSOLID SKIN AND HAND CREAM with Glycerin and Allantoin is designed to treat sensitive, stressed and damaged skin.

The Glycerin used in Glysolid is vegetable based.

Principle effect of Glycerin: A skin softener; it keeps skin cells supple and flexible.
Principle effect of Allantoin: Stimulates skin cell regeneration and the healing of small injuries, nicks, scrapes and minor burns.


  • Intensive care for dry & normal skin.
  • Maximum satisfaction when used in small amounts on a regular basis.
  • Restores the natural beauty of the skin while softening it.
  • Made without preservatives or perfumes.
  • Compatible for all skin types.
  • Protects, calms and smoothes.
  • Provides rapid relief to irritated skin, including eczema, psoriasis and parched skin from chemotherapy and radiation treatment.