About Glysolid



GLYSOLID works as a skin softener, keeping your skin supple and flexible. It forms a light "Shield" on your skin that protects from dehydration, and calms and soothes irritated skin. More than that, it effectively stimulates cell regeneration. Its ingredients promote the healing of small injuries, nicks and cuts.

GLYCERIN and ALLANTOIN : A healthy combination.

GLYSOLID is formulated with two active ingredients: Glycerin and Allantoin.

All skin-care products use glycerin in some amount. Even products that advertise high glycerin content might contain as little as 10 percent, and often substitute mineral oils or petroleum as a less expensive filler.

GLYSOLID is 50 percent glycerin. It contains no mineral oil or petroleum substitutes. Glycerin is a very hygienically restorative material that works to bond with your own body oils. It's a strong moisturizer and not only softens the skin, but promotes better circulation under the skin. It's also a disinfectant and bacteria fighter.

Allantoin is GLYSOLID'S other major active ingredient. Allantoin is an extract from the seedlings of many herbs and is a proven pharmaceutical ingredient. It is especially valued for its astringent, emollient nutritive properties, and is able to soothe and soften skin. Research has shown it to be a cell proliferant, causing faster healing of skin cells while allowing a faster regeneration and replacement of old, worn out skin cells.

GLYSOLID, with Glycerin as a primary ingredient and the added benefits of Allantoin, is a formulation you deserve and need.